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What If?

What If?

I have no power
Have you contacted your electricity supplier? There may be a fault in the street.
If renting a unit/apartment - Have you checked with a neighbour? If in a block of Strata Title apartments, it may be the Owners Corporation that needs to be contacted for action.
Have you checked your fuse box? There may have been an overload and the safety switch has been activated and needs resetting.

Have you checked that one of your appliances is not faulty? Unplug all appliances in the house. Reset the safety switch in the meter box. You will need to turn all switches to the off position and leave them for a few minutes before switching them back on again. Turn each appliance on, one at a time. If the safety switch clicks off then you know that there is a fault with the appliance and you will need to get it repaired.
For an easier way to find a faulty appliance, connect the stereo and continue checking all appliances until it is located. If our electrician attends to your repair request and finds the fault is with one of your appliances, then you will be charged for the service fee.

I have no hot water
Is it Gas or Electric?
Have you arranged for the connection of your Gas or Electricity?
If it is an Electric Hot Water System -
Have you checked the fuse in the meter box? Has someone turned off the fuse by mistake?
Have you checked that the water tap on the hot water system itself is turned on?
If it is a Gas Hot Water System -
Have you checked to see if your pilot light has gone out? Some gas hot water systems can be easily relit – others may require a tradesperson.

Lights are not working or power points are not working

Have you checked your fuse box? If there has been an overload the safety switch may need resetting.
Have you replaced the light bulb?

Stove or oven element is not working
Is the isolator switch in the on position?
Have you checked the connections to make sure they are not loose or dirty? Sometimes pulling the element out and cleaning them and putting back in again can fix the problem.

Kitchen or bathroom sink is blocked
Have you tried using some Draino or other drain cleaning products to try and clear the blockage?
Have you tried pouring boiling water down the sink to free up old soap and hair?
Have you removed old food from the kitchen waste and poured boiling water down the drain? Do not put fat and oil into the drain as these will clog up the pipes.

The garage remote in not working
Have you checked the battery in the remote?
Is the remote linked to the garage door correctly?
Check if the lever/switch on the control box is set to auto. If it is on manual, the remote will not work.

I lock myself out of the house
Between the hours of 9am-5pm you can call your Property Manager and collect our office set of keys to access the property. We will require proof of ID in order for you to collect these keys and we do request that they be brought back within 24 hours.
Otherwise call one of our preferred locksmiths and they can access the property for you, please note that this call out fee will be charged to you.

There is a break in

Call the police to report the break in and record your police report number. Take photos of the damage and then call your Property Manager.
If you cannot get in touch with your Property Manager and the property is unsecure, please call one of our preferred contractors to attend.